“There are many misconceptions out there – the biggest myth being that a life coach teaches life skills.  Coaches are not teachers. Coaches are thinking partners. A personal coach offers a neutral and objective perspective when you are feeling stuck and unsure of the best way to move forward. Coaching will help you to explore all your options, identify the most ideal strategies and tactics to adopt for achieving your desired outcomes, unpack the limiting and restrictive beliefs that keep you locked in the same problem behaviour patterns and then help you to implement the change that suits you best. Coaching, at its essence, is a ‘Methodology for Change’.”


Personal development needs vary dramatically from person to person and therefore the agenda and solutions to these problems do too. Sometimes clients are very clear about what they want to achieve. Other times, clients know what they don’t want and therefore we identify what they would prefer instead. With conscious clarity of their preferred reality (versus current reality) we design action steps to move closer to that outcome. I use several models of change and will collaborate with clients on whether they prefer to work consciously and/or subconsciously (PSYCH-K).

Building or developing your relationship with your Self, is also known as intra-personal development. The agenda for this includes identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, navigating emotions, re-engineering your internal narratives as well as modifying problem patterns of behaviour.

Mindset Coaching in a Nutshell

Examples of Individual Coaching Themes

Improved Self Mastery:

    • Self Regulation- Managing Emotions
    • Shifting Mindsets: Internal re-engineering
    • Increase self-confidence and self belief
    • Time Management
    • Establish work/life balance
    • Decision making: finding clarity when at crossroads and for multidimensional dilemmas
    • Empowering yourself: reclaiming one’s power back from a dis-empowered/overpowered state

Self Discovery Journey:

    • Self Awareness: Identifying purpose, passions, strengths and talents with a variety of assessments
    • Vision development: Clarifying goals and strategies for thriving: who do I need to be, in order to have what I want, so that I can achieve what I would like?
    •  Relationship Awareness: Understanding what makes you and others tick- the motivations behind all behaviour

Self Expression:

    • Authentic well-being: Life-Codes personal leadership for crafting a life that is an expression of one’s true self
    • Brain-body optimization with the latest in neuroscience: a Neurozone assessment for high performing leaders
    • Subconscious change: using neuroscience to rewrite new, empowering beliefs with PSYCH-K

Inter-Personal Development:

    • The Dating Deliberately Process: a series of coaching conversation for conscious singles to become more objective when selecting their life-partners and then preparing themselves for partnering

Ironically, developing ourselves on a personal level, i.e. becoming self aware and familiar with one’s own triggers, can be the best ‘therapy’ for a couple in crisis. This is addressed in the article ‘The best couple therapy is individual therapy’.