“Most people change only when they need to. Usually the discomfort of their reality becomes so unbearable, they are forced to make the effort to change or shift in some way. Living by design instead of default requires a different mindset. It is about aspiring to new possibilities instead of the avoidance of pain and discomfort. It is about being pulled toward your vision rather than avoiding suffering. It is about consciously crafting a life, career and relationships that you desire instead of settling for mediocre. I use a multi-pronged approach to coach my clients toward the change they seek. Humans are made for collaborating. Work together or fail alone. Let us work together to ensure you become the architect of your own inspiring, empowering life.” 


Hi, I am Shelley Lewin, the founder/owner of ‘The Relationship Architect Coaching and Education’.

I have been designing bespoke processes for intra-personal and inter-personal development since 2006.

In my capacity as a certified SACAP counsellor in private practice, I collaborate with clients 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 to generate, renovate  and restore connection either within oneself and/or between pairs/spouses. The focus is on shifting perspectives and mindsets in order to create new habits as well as embed new patterns of behaviour.

In my role as an internationally accredited Solution Focused Brief Coach (ICF- PCC) I work as a thinking partner with executives and leaders locally and globally, in-person and virtually. I partner with select management consulting firms as an external consultant and associate coach, including Better Up where I am a fellow coach.

As an educator, trainer and learning facilitator I deliver customized learning depending on my clients needs. I have developed my own curriculum called ‘Life Codes: Lead Yourself’, a series of Masterclasses for emotional, psychological and social thriving in life and work, based on regular themes that appear in my private practice. My articles have featured in a variety of publications and I offer subject matter expertise for radio and TV interviews here.

I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) member and accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC Solution Focused Brief Coach), as well as a counselling graduate from South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP), TotalSDI® Facilitator (TotalSDI), PSYCH-K® Master Facilitator (PSYCH-K), Neurozone® Facilitator (Neurozone), Enneagram Certified coach (Aephoria)  and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

Ways we can work together

  • Virtual or in-person 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 coaching
  • Facilitation of teams & group coaching
  • Corporate training and education
  • Bespoke workshops – designing and delivering tailor-made content
  • Expert contribution for magazines, press and radio
  • Keynote Speaker/ Content Creator

Shelley Lewin – Live on National TV – Expresso Breakfast Show

In my Previous Life


In a previous life, I worked as an international model in the fashion and beauty industry for 15 years. I have worked and/or lived in 20 countries calling four different continents home. It is the reason I enjoy people with diverse backgrounds and points of view. Having travelled extensively and been exposed to a myriad of cultures, I came to realize that regardless of one’s age, race, faith, ethnicity and culture, we all share the same fundamental needs as human beings. These are to bond, to have a sense of belonging, sense of identity and know that we are making a meaningful contribution/positive impact in the world. Our brains are literally wired neurologically to drive these subconscious agendas.

Every human being wants to be validated, to be heard, to feel that what they have to say matters. Ironically, being in a profession where ‘looking good’ is how you earn your living, I noticed that many of us in that vocation did not feel as worthy as others might have thought. In fact, in hindsight and ironically, I was not comfortable in my own skin at all.

My curiosity regarding this fact led me into the world of personal development and counselling where the focus was more on ‘feeling good’. Interestingly, I learnt that feeling comfortable in one’s own skin (also known as self acceptance) has very little to do with what you look like on the outside. For many of us, the internal work to feel worthy is an ongoing process.

I strive to live an authentic, fulfilling and meaningful life. I believe we are all creators in blood and body, designing and crafting our lives as we go; hopefully discovering our own unique expression and gifts in order to contribute to world around us. We are here to “Live Life Deliberately” and to express our ‘reason for being’ by making a positive impact. When we have clarity about our exceptional blueprint, we can then share our talents and strengths with the communities that can benefit from our knowledge/ wisdom/ skills.

I believe that life is not happening to us, life is responding to us. Life is reflecting and mirroring back to us the things we believe within us. Essentially we live in a world of cause and effect in that we create our own reality with our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  It is therefore essential to become familiar with the inventory of your beliefs. I am privileged to have my own coach, helping me identify my limiting beliefs and exploring different perspectives so that I can get out of my own way and craft a life that is an extension and expression of who I am. It is an honour for me to be a thinking partner for my clients in their personal or professional capacity.

After many years of travel, I settled down and rooted myself in one of the most geographically beautiful countries in the world- Cape Town, South Africa. I married my best friend in 2005 and together we are raising our bright, kind and athletic son who has a golfing talent and ambition that inspires me daily.  When I am not coaching, studying or researching I can be found outdoors near the ocean or on the golf course as a spectator, having fun on set in TV commercials (remnant from my previous life), enjoying good coffee or socializing with those dear to me.

If you would like to work with me to transform your life, relationships or team,  please make contact here and we will set up a Complimentary Clarity Call to discuss the best way forward.