“A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or as a physician know the instruments at her disposal. What great leaders have in common is that they truly know themselves and their strengths and can call on the right strength at the right time. This is why there is no definitive list of characteristics that describes all leaders”

There is a mountain of literature describing the skills and practices of effective leaders. Many people strive to be similar to the leaders they admire. We could spend a lifetime imitating powerful leaders and barely make an impact. Why? You cannot lead by imitation. You must be yourself. The full version of yourself.

Self Leadership

Each of us has an exceptional blueprint. An exclusive set of strengths, talents and values that make us unique. These, combined with our ambitions and preferences create our USP (unique selling point/ the thing that separates us from others). The best chance we have of making our biggest contribution to the greater community and environments in which we belong, is to BE our authentic selves.

‘Life-Codes’ is a series of practical and pragmatic masterclasses decoding ‘thriving in life’. These modules offer thought provoking frameworks inviting individuals to step up into a leadership role in their own lives. The information empowers individuals to take responsibility for crafting a life, career and relationships in which one learns how to reach their full potential and make their best contribution to the world (best suited for learners in Grade 11 & 12).

Life-Codes: Getting Ahead in the Game of Life. Feedback from Wynberg Boys High School Headmaster.

The successful results from the Life Codes programme rolled out at Wynberg Boys High School.