How To Cultivate Self Mentorship

@ExpressoSABC Zoe Brown is in conversation with Shelley Lewin, The Relationship Architect, about how to step up and mentor yourself, in this episode dedicated to Self Love.

Conditions that Allow Love to Prosper

Back in studio on @ExpressoSABC this morning, Shelley Lewin is talking to us about her new book ‘Uncomplicated Love, a step-by-step guide for building thriving relationships’. Ewan Strydom digs deeper into why Shelley put pen to paper.

The Biggest Problem With Relationships is You

@SomeAssemblyRequired_Podcast Sean Loots and I chatted on his podcast about the art, science and practices of love, about my own relationship journey, as well as some outdated myths and narratives in love- this is the full unedited version.

Uncomplicated Love Book Launch

Shelley Lewin, author of Uncomplicated Love, launched her book in June 2023 at Exclusive Books, Cavendish Square, Cape Town, South Africa. Included in the discussion about the book were Carl Wastie (radio dj @KFM945 and TV presenter from @ExpressoSABC ) Susi Astengo (owner of Coach Matching) and Brad Shorkend (business coach and author of We Are Still Human).

SABC Morning live Interview

Uncomplicated Love, author Shelley Lewin, unpacks her inspirations for the book, the main themes, her challenges in the writing journey as well as the relevance of her brand name, The Relationship Architect.

How to get a fresh start for the New Year

An Interview by Jeannie D with Shelley Lewin, The Relationship Architect on Afternoon Express about setting goals for the New Year. Shelley explore making progress instead of goals.

Do Relationship Roles Change If the Woman is the Breadwinner

On #ExpressoShow we explored “Women that earn more than their partners or who are the sole breadwinners” and the impact that has on a couple. #genderrolereversal #femalebreadwinner

Multi-cultural relationships

The Relationship Architect- Shelley Lewin is interviewed on The Expresso Show about multicultural relationships – and things to consider for their long-term success

How to deal with difficult in-laws

On this #ExpressoShow, Shelley Lewin- The Relationship Architect explores ‘How couples can navigate difficult in-laws’

Holiday Romances

Shelley Lewin ‘The Relationship Architect’ explores the topic of summer flings and holiday romance on #ExpressoShow. How to know if it has staying power and when to enjoy it for what it is: a holiday fling.

Moving In Together

In this interview between Jamie-Lee Domburg and Shelley Lewin on the Expresso Show, they explore the topic and provide clarity on a variety of questions.

Start dating when you are Divorced with kids

Shelley encourages parents to give themselves permission to go slow; taking time to recover from the emotional set back and to heal before attempting to connect with another. Viewers called in with Q&A to gain further clarity on a their dating challenges.

Mental health Self Assurance in a Relationship

Today on the Expresso Show, The Relationship Architect- Shelley Lewin- shares the couch with a couple who have big differences to navigate in their relationship. “Having differences are not the problem. Are they differences that cause disharmony?” is the question Shelley asks the couple to consider.


Relationships: Finding Love in a Modern Era

In this interview on @ExpressoSABC Shelley Lewin- The Relationship Architect sits in on a panel discussion about how our way of dating and relating to each other has changed, in less than one generation. How can we navigate a complex mixture of technology, sexual liberation, distrust of marriage and insecurities about dating? Watch this clip to learn more

Re-thinking Valentines Day

The month of love is upon us. But has it become obsolete? Indeed, Valentine’s Day can be an incredibly expensive holiday to celebrate. Buying pricey jewellery, flowers, and dining at a nice restaurant might not even help your relationship and could even harm it. Valentine’s Day also leaves people in relationships with impossible expectations, and excludes single people.