An Unusual Talent

A few years ago I was lucky enough to see Doreen Virtue on her Cape Town visit. For those not familiar with her work Doreen is a best-selling author and metaphysician who works within the angelic realms and communicates directly with the angels. (If your eyes just rolled- hang in there for a bit longer). Doreen was a natural clairvoyant during her childhood and described her ability to see spirits when she was a child to be much like the little boy portrayed in the movie The Sixth Sense. Knowing that she could easily be mistaken for a crazy lady she chose originally the conventional route of becoming a psychotherapist working in locked hospital psychiatric wards first to eradicate any doubts she had of severe pathology. Eventually, springboarding off her new found confidence and clarity of her own sanity, she allowed her Self to explore the visions and voices still present in her life. The rest is history. With 50 books under her belt and an amazing reputation I decided to see for myself if she was indeed, the real deal. It was a magical experience for me.

At some point in the workshop, without any clue of me and my background Doreen stated very matter of factly, “The lady in the purple top, your angels want you to know that your life’s work is rolled up in your journalism or writing but you need to learn to breathe and relax first before you can receive inspiration”. She continued, “You are claircognizant but you need to create stillness in order to recognize and receive divine ideas and profound thoughts”. She also went on to say that I am not listening to my angels so to help she gave me one book -out of the many displayed out on table- titled not surprisingly ‘How to Hear your Angels’. I learned later that there is clairvoyance (ability to see spirit/angels), clairaudience (ability to hear spirit/angels), clairsentience (ability to feel spirit/angels) and claircognizance which is described as having ‘clear knowingness’, usually related to accurate and helpful ideas/information in the service of others.

The message was/is very meaningful for me because I am often given feedback from clients about how the articulation of my ideas shifts clients to a new state of awareness.

After a session with a client I spend some time with my notes, ‘sensing’ the direction that will be most helpful, that will provide the greatest leverage and then I write a full report of the session which is forwarded to the client. I identify for them the changes they would like to see happen and the obstacles getting the way, I look at what is working for them and what they need to do more of as well as the attitudes and choices that are currently not serving them. And then I include a piece at the end which I fondly refer to as ‘bibliotherapy’ or customized learning. It is task of sorts, usually a reading I prescribe that will expose them to a new way of thinking. A different way of seeing things to change their perspective that provides an ‘aha, I get it, now I know why I am so stuck!’ Some of the readings are chapters of a book, a profound article, my own blogs or pieces of my own unfinished, unpublished book.

The responses I have received over the years is that my reports of our sessions provide the biggest impact in my clients lives. It worried me a bit initially, that whatever I am doing in session is not helping. Now I understand it is in the session that I first establish what questions to ask; what to notice and where to look to create movement. For most of us, when we are ‘in session’ (I can also speak from the experience of seeing my own therapist and coach) we are in the moment, thinking about the questions posed and not doing too much reflection on the answers.

Then, when we get the opportunity to read the conversation in black and white – with all the thoughts that were originally swirling around in our heads in thick pea soup – presented in an order that connects all the dots, the immobility or veil of confusion is lifted. Pieces of the puzzle fall into place and the new insights gained from the additional information prescribed in the homework seems to be the very thing my clients need to learn or hear at that time.

It never really occurred to me until recently that the claircognizance Doreen Virtue spoke of, could point to the reports I write to my clientele. I was kind of hoping she was referring to life changing book or groundbreaking relationship piece that goes viral. It was only recently that I really noticed for the first time the difference my insights are making – in the form of my reports- in my coachees lives. It dawned on me when I received a few emails and one specific text thanking me, ‘Just wanted to say thank you for the work you are putting into me. I feel very privileged to be working with you. Your email blew me away. No one makes sense to me like you do. I really lifted last night into a constructive space’.

It was not the first time I had received that feedback, I am often rewarded with beautiful words from kind, lovely people who take the time to show their appreciation. It was that I ‘got it’. The words from Doreen landed. All this time I was placing this expectation and pressure on myself to produce a ‘book’.  Perhaps one day I might get there but for now, I feel like I am following my own spiritual path by sensing and feeling the information my clients most need to learn in order to move forward in their lives. I feel almost silly saying it aloud like it is not ‘good enough’ or ‘grand enough’ but then I am reminded of Doreen’s words in the book she prescribed for me:

If we follow the directions (of the information we receive as a claircognizant) and complete Step A, then in the same repetitive manner, we’re given the next set of instructions for Step B. Step-by-step, God guides us all the way to the realization of our intended manifestation”.

So what I get out of that is ‘you can’t squeeze a banana ripe’. We all have our own journey to take and it can only happen one step at a time. Sometimes forcing ourselves to chase/pursue a dream we have because we are impatient with a specific time frame can lead to disappointment and/or frustration.  Rather enjoy the journey by doing your best in the present moment and allowing it all to unfold in its own time.  We are all talented in our own ways; the trick is to discover the way our specific gifts make the biggest difference to us and to others. And then honour those gifts by noticing and acknowledging them as your genius. It might not present at first as the way you envisaged, like I never thought I would be proud to say, “I write a mean report” but I can see the difference they make and I really feel blessed to have this aptitude. It’s a funny thing, now that I have ‘noticed’ this to be a unique attribute; I invest even more of myself into providing as much clarity as possible.

It sounds a bit flaky but I now imagine my angels speaking to my clients angels and discussing what they most want for their person to learn/hear/understand and then I visualize myself opening up to be the vessel through which that information can be received. Whether or not any of this is actually taking place is really irrelevant to others, it matters only that I believe it. It helps me feel more connected to the people that I serve and that they have found their way to me for good reason. My clients benefit most when I am recepetive enough to have ‘clear knowing’ of that reason.

It inspires me to be a better coach, a more articulate writer and a serious contender for the best note taker in the world. How many people can say that?