Single on Valentines day? Perfect.

It has arrived. Love it or hate it, the next 24hours is all about love. Glorious nurturing love, unrequited heart aching love, electric steaming hot love.  All kinds of love. Very different experiences and all defined by the same little word ‘LOVE’. If there was ever an understatement of the century, it is that love is a small word. There are more associations, memories and emotions attached to it than even bigger words like ‘religion’ and ‘politics’.

Regardless of what love means to you, there is one thing I know for sure. We would all do well to have a little bit more of it in our lives. And the funniest thing about love is that the best way to get it is to give it away. Not short arm, long pocket giving away. Not scraping together the dregs out the cupholder in your car giving away. I mean, withdraw every ounce of it stored away in each cell of your body and find someone to give it to. Not because they deserve it and have been kind to you. Because it is in the acts of giving love that we experience the real joy of love.

You don’t have a partner? Perfect. All your love isn’t expected to be directed at one person. You get to hand it out freely. Oh and don’t think I’ve been fooled. The chocolatiers, florists and jewellers are absolutely going to do their best to make you feel less than human if you haven’t bought into their ‘cha-ching’ ‘cha-ching’ festivities. Love don’t cost a thing (thanks J-Lo for the wisdom) They do a good job raising our awareness and making everywhere look pretty, but you don’t need to shoot the messenger . It’s a simple message and a good message. Find someone to love today. Without wanting or needing anything in return- just for the fun of it. Enjoy all the health benefits and pleasure from giving your love away. Operative word ‘love’. Not ‘gifts’. A smile, a hug, words of kindness and affirmation. Some consideration. Tenderness. Gentleness. Nurturing. Possibly a kiss. A pat on the back. A wink. A big cuddly squeeze. Some much needed support.

Go on. Try it. Single or Coupled. You are about to feel the most loved you have in a long time.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.