Crush Control

It is January 2012! The silly season is over and most of us have returned back to work, although our brains might only follow suit later on in the month.

I have adored spending time with my family and start the year feeling blessed and with gratitude for all the love I have in my life and for my inspirational clients.

Thank YOU for showing up at my work space and revealing the tender side of yourselves to me. Thank you for having the courage to take the journey to look at yourselves and for wanting to become better people. Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways to become a better coach and better human being.

If our time together has ended, I hope you continue to create powerful and fulfilling lives.

If we are still working together, I hope you will soon have the tools and clarity (of next steps) in the near future to create an inspiring life and/or partnership.

The article I contributed toward is written by Jill Provost for Womens Health magazine. It is an oldie but a goodie which applies to singles and couples. Enjoy! Happy New Year!