Will you ever meet Mr/Mrs Right?

What if I were to tell you there is more than one Mr/Mrs Right for you. Would you believe that to be true?

Allow me to use a food analogy here. Stick with me on this….

Any good chef will tell you food combining or even food pairing (with wine) requires deep knowledge about the food, the wine and its potential. Flavours vary depending on how the food is prepared. Similarly, we change when our environmental conditions change. For example, in their natural raw state, vegetables are unique. Nothing else tastes like a cucumber. It has a distinctive taste, texture and flavour. Add some milk, cream and sugar and you have yourself sweet cucumber ice-cream(don’t mock it till you try it). Combined with vinegar, it’s a very different experience pickled. The cucumber is still a cucumber, just a different expression of itself.

How about a crunchy onion? Equally inimitable. Stewed in water and sugar (and other preparation I’m unfamiliar with) and we have sweet onion marmalade. Fried in oil and batter – a crispy onion ring. Both quite unlike each other but still authentically an onion. In fact each of these are authentically an onion and cucumber respectively but with different partners we have a different experience of them.

Back to humans. Each of us are unique individuals in flavour. Different partners allow us to experience a different aspect of ourselves. He/she brings out qualities in us that we prefer or dislike. Their presence changes our ‘flavour’.  Deep knowledge about who you are, who you are capable of being, and what you are capable of doing will go a long way toward recognizing who will be a good combination for you. You remain authentically you but either someone will bring out the best in you, or the worst. Sometimes the combination can even be toxic.

When we know who we are, we can start to define who will be our best match.

With that in mind it serves us in life to measure relationships not in time but in lessons learnt. All the romantic relationships of our past that have ended have provided us with deeper knowledge about ourselves. It really is experimentation. A chef has to experiment with different combinations until he find something consistently palatable and delicious. That’s what dating is all about. Finding out who, when combined with you, makes a great team. Egg and chips, bangers and mash, ice cream and chocolate sauce and more recently chili and chocolate are unanimously a good match. So is egg and toast, sausage and peas, ice cream and apple pie or chili con carne (with meat). Point is, there is more than one person who we will combine well with, each luring out different flavours or qualities in us.

The way we can distinguish one suitable life partner candidate from another is by knowing who we are and who we want to be. When we know ourselves well, like a chef knows his food well, we can start to define who will be our best match.

A variety of Mr and Mrs Right’s exist. The fun lies in experimentation and discovering for yourself what ‘flavour’ of person combines well with you. There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ partners, just a better or worse match.