Anyone for more Intimacy, Sensuality & Sexuality?

Lady Rose Launch Party

When Tammy Rose aka Lady Rose decided to launch a new business in the middle of this tough economic crisis I thought – Hari Kari in these hard times!

Thank Goodness Lady Rose ignored doubting Thomases like me and followed her gut because last night, The Glamour Studio hosted this frenetic event and the giggling, gasping boisterous bunch could hardly contain their excitement. More than 80 women lined the walls, floors and couches to investigate their sexuality.  With Kumala in one hand and a prawn kebab in the other, the ladies listened and cheered as I spoke to them about intimacy and sexuality.

Next, Jodi from Lola Montez (who flew down from JHB) entertained the audience with an informative but funny explanation of all her toys, lotions and potions. We had to stop three times to calm the audience down. It was louder and wilder than I anticipated which reflects to me the need for this topic to be openly discussed.

When it comes to sensuality and sexuality the key points I mentioned that resonated with many women:

Our sexuality does not happen in a vacuum, it’s emotional, it’s energy, it’s spiritual, it’s mental, it’s physical…

All ISSUES of a sexual nature need to be assessed from a holistic approach. That means taking into consideration:

Lifestyle obstacles – unbalanced diet /nutrient deficiency, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking..all affect us energetically

Hormonal obstacles-menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, the pill…all these dictate a fluctuating sex drive

Medication obstacles- anti depressants, anti histamines, sedatives can negatively affect your libido

Emotional obstacles- lack of trust, stress, anxiety, body image effect your levels of desire and interest in connecting with another person

Relationship obstacles- disagreements, fighting, not ‘liking’ your partner will leave you feeling emotionally and mentally disconnected inhibiting you from feeling desired and desirable

Practical obstacles- Raising kids, earning a salary, paying bills etc is exhausting. Children’s relentless need for our attention and energy can leave us depleted. Unless we are strict about placing boundaries separating adult and family time, work and play time, making the time and finding a place to connect as lovers, there is little chance we can tap into our sexual selves..

We talked about spicing things up by alternating fast food sex with comfort food sex and gourmet sex; about the value of becoming a skilled lover and of exploring and experimenting alone..

Of course I had much more to say and I could go on and on and on about the subject, and I probably will – in future blogs. Now that I have experienced the desperation for us to talk about these things and witnessed the excitement of creating an opportunity for women to reconnect with the Goddess within, I have changed my opinion of Lady Roses new venture from ‘Hari Kari’ to ‘Hallelujah’.

Contact Lady Rose for your Gourmet Sex ingredients: [email protected]

and me, for counselling or coaching sexual issues.