TV Show Interview

The following is a transcript between  Shelley and Liezel van der Westhuinen on eXpresso TV Show SABC3 7, Feb 2011.

  • Why would someone see a life or relationship coach?

I am so pleased you asked, there are many misperceptions out there – the biggest myth being that a life coach teaches life skills.

The most practical answer I can give to ‘why someone would see a life or relationship coach’ – well, you wouldn’t see a life coach because you have problems. We all have problems.

You would see a life coach because you are feeling stuck and you do not know the best way to move forward.

Coaching will help you to explore all your options and then help you to implement the change that suits you best.

Coaching is at its essence a “Methodolgy for change”.

  • What are the benefits/advantages of relationship coaching?

Let me start by saying it is a progressive approach for singles and couples to help them become ‘unstuck’ when entering into or trying to navigate successfully through the complexities of relationship.

A relationship coach addresses choices, attitudes and patterns of behaviour that are not serving the individual or couple.

The benefits of relationship coaching … creating a meaningful and fulfilling relationship

  • Can you tell us a little more about ‘relationship coaching for singles’ and how that links in to dating?

RC for Singles is the first stage of Relationship Coaching and it assists singles to become prepared and skilled for meeting and creating a healthy love relationship.

When I say Prepared, I mean becoming ‘relationship ready’: again, looking at attitudes, choices and patterns of behaviour that are not working for you in creating loving relationships

When I say Skilled, that means looking more at the practical elements of dating skills and the relationship competencies required for sustainable partnerships.


  • So, if you are dating to deliberately meet a life partner then how can ‘Dating Deliberately’ help you?

By helping you become a quality partner. To HAVE a quality relationship you need to BE a quality partner.

Did you know that the degree to which we love ourselves is the degree to which we are able to attract and receive love.  So for those who are serious about finding a life partner – investing in becoming your best self is the most helpful place to start and that is what Dating Deliberately is all about.

It is about Relationship coaching single people to attract and receive love.