The Architecture of Relationships

How to create intimacy with another by building a fulfilling relationship with yourself first.

The Architecture of Relationship’ is a framework to decode any problem keeping you from creating a healthy love relationship.

Sustainable architecture relies on a generic formula to outlast any environmental conditions. It requires

  • the site- to hold potential for construction,
  • a draft/rendu-a plan of what you are hoping to achieve,
  • a suitable foundation-something solid to build upon and
  • solid support beams/columns – to withhold the weight of the structure
  • skillful construction- competence/ experience of what is required to get the job done
  • the building- the actual designs vary according to purpose, area restrictions, style preference etc.

Similarly, long-term, fulfilling relationships have a generic design to outlast changing life conditions and circumstances.

  • the site – certain conditions to be present for potential to exist
  • a plan – which accommodates and considers the needs of the couple
  • a suitable foundation – a solid relationship with oneself first
  • solid support beams/columns-the seven pillars of self love and romantic love
  • skillful construction – attitudes, choices and skills to create a healthy relationship
  • the building- the actual relationship varies according to purpose, cultural limitations and expectations, personal preferences etc..

If you are single, it’s not wise to begin in construction of the building (entering a committed relationship) until you have an appropriate site/erf (consistently working toward increasing potential by elevating– awareness, responsibility, wisdom, intention), a plan (clarity on who will be your best and most appropriate match) and a secure foundation (self love/self worth/self esteem).

If you are part of a couple and your relationship architecture is falling apart (a failing marriage), you need to

  1. Sustain the site/erf -increasing awareness, taking responsibility, applying wisdom, holding intention
  2. Reevaluate the plan- clarity on what you hoping to achieve
  3.  Strengthen the foundation –develop self esteem: the sum of self confidence and self respect
  4. Contain the damage in the building simultaneously – skillfully working on the relationship.

Making changes to the façade and tweaking the look and feel of the structure, can make the living conditions bearable temporarily but the majority of the reconstructive work is deeper than ground level.

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